Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Health and illness concept

before we talk more about health and the various reviews in it, we should first understand the concept or the meaning of health.because without a knowledge base will be more difficult for us to understand than we previously understood about the basis of something we want to learnokay let's start all the concepts of healthy and sick
Health (health) is a concept not easily understood even if we can feel and observe the situation. For example, one can not have physical complaints seen as a healthy person.As a reference for understanding the concept of "healthy", Organitation World Health Organization (WHO) formulated in a very broad mean namely, "a state of perfect physical, mental and social, not only free of disease or infirmity / disability". 
 Healthy is not just free from disease or disability.  
People who can not be said diseased not necessarily healthy. Supposedly he was in a state of perfect physical, mental or social.This understanding is an ideal situation in terms of biological, psychological and social. The concept of "pain" associated with the three concepts, in the English language that is disease illness and sickness. The third term implies a dimension bispikososial. Disease-dimensional biological, psychological dimension illness, sickness sociological dimension (Calhoun, et al, 1994).
Diaease disease means a deviation that simptomnya known by diagnosis.  

Disease and the biological dimension of objective, independent of psychosocial considerations, there is no influence conviction against a person or society.Illness is a psychological concept that refers to persaan, perception, or a person's subjective experience of morbidity or state body that feels uncomfortable. As a subjective experience, then this illness is individual.While sicknesss is significant sociological concepts as social acceptance of a person as a person who is experiencing pain (illness or disease). In the circumstances warranted the release of this sickness responsibility, role, or certain habits which made sense because of morbidity time.
Because the definition of "sick" it may subjective dimension-kulturalistik, every society has its own understanding of the illness according to the experience and culture. Sick role can only be made and recognized by society as appropriate to the consideration of values, beliefs social norms. Therefore, a pain that felt and acknowledged by the individual or society is not always the same dirasaskan by other individuals or communities (Lyttle, 1986; Pacther, 1994).

purpose of the concept of healthy pain is so that people can:
1. Understanding health and illness
2. Understanding the cause of an illness
3. Authorizes the person to a healthy or diseased condition specifies
4. Responding to the agony AAU simptomnya
5. Establish the classification of pain

Based on the notion of healthy and ill health are briefly state that:
A. Is a sense (construct) that samgat loosely understood differently by the public
2. Based on the qualitative as it can be understood according to the feelings and perceptions
3. Continuum state of nature because of its position are at two opposite extremes, which is a healthy point on the one hand and a sore point on the other side.