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History of medical science parts 3 (End)

Development of health sciences of the 18th century
Thank you for the advancement of agriculture in the U.S. such ascorn and potatoes, it can anticipate the needs of food and support the reduction in populations exposed to disease and
seen in 1750 and high infant mortality rate is the highest killer leprosy and Bobunic plaque but not infrequently also due todiseases such as smallpox, tuberculosis and typhoid.
government set up an organized health law and the monitoring of personal hygiene knowledge mof comunity.

medical condition is made by a physician from Germany named Johan P frank but all are constrained by socioeconomic factors.
Development of health sciences in the 19th century
The rise of medical science
French school clinic, in the mid-19th century, the French Revolution of medicine make a difference in his approach fondamental
among the pioneers of the field of medicine is philippe PierreCabanis and Pinel.

rene TH lennic
fisrt stetoscope

among other developments, namely the discovery of a method ofpercussion / direct blow by jean n corfisart in 1808 and the discovery of the stethoscope by Rene TH laenic 1818. percussionand also indirectly by Pierre A piorry 1826.
in this century is very rapid population growth led to a lack ofsanitation, clean environment which raised the accompanyingdiseases include typhoid, relapsing fever, and cholera dysentri.
when the quarantine fail to address this issue then the sanitarianreformers were forced to cope with social the problem.
related to inadequate housing, poverty and other 
medical schools in germany
In 1830 Germany was the most glorious because it moves beyond the effort - an effort that has been defined clinically and fatologissymptoms of the disease.
research in embryology, microscopic anatomy, comparativeanatomy thrive.
and lacks the other discoveries in medicine.
the germ theory
germ theory began to be investigated since the days of Hippocratesbecame more developed in this century, the germ theory of diseaseassociated with rapidly developing in this century.
Development of health sciences prior to the 21st century
history of human health has been noted that the success ineliminating diseases such as smallpox on earth this century.
but even so this is not a picture of health in the 20th century, withmuch evidence of human remains that collapsed because of a widerange of diseases in this earth. 

at the present time is in addition to the major diseases that are stillaround us there is a group of illnesses that began to appear againbefore us and also the explosion of new and emerging diseases
therefore this the problem is now more complicated disease.
Thus a glimpse of the history of health sciences may be useful for you

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