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Histori of health science (part 1)

After I discussed the definition of healthy and sick in my previous post
On this occasion I will write a brief history of world health as an additional knowledge for the health blogger.
history ranging from how to handling the health of the prehistoric era to modern times today.

                                              Health history during the pre-history.

In the prehistoric period of treatment is the most preferred
There are several stages of the history of medicine in this period:
- In the paleolistik 

where the population is still small and isolated communities and the mobility was low and that they consider to be to maintain the health and nutrition problems and the fact that disruption of the game is the main factor leading cause of death.
- Neolithic Age.
Paleolistik transition from the era where life began settling and farming culture. A major health problem is a matter of hygiene and living with pets
wild animals and interference problems are reduced.
There are two ways of treatment at this time of the treatment using herbs (herbs), dietary restrictions, as well as recipes from person to person.
while the second way by the method of expulsion of spirits or spirits (supernatural treatment)
In the prehistoric era was known for a theory of disease that is
  "Disease intrusion.soul object loss, spirit intrusion, breach of taboo."

                                  Health or medical history of the ancient
Egypt / mesopotania
At this time of declining health of this happened because of population density and intensive agriculture and the establishment of settlements and urban areas.
because it's so easily spread the infection to move.
This is proven by the discovery of tuberculosis in mummies in Egypt.
Starting from a treatment-oriented magic, and religion has been immortalized in writing.
Indian (Vedic period 1500-1800 BC
Medicine written in the book "ATHARTA Vedic 'or Aryan Vedas. All the Hindu medical science in Caraka wrote in the book.
health of the body viewed from the elements (dhatus), mental health (Prasana).
If not well-known Tridoshas dhatus or illness.

Chinese shang kingdom era (1763-1123 BC)
Pain is a punishment from the ancestors,
wu a person can treat the disease.
Chinese medicine began in the Han dynasty, known as writing and signed by Huang ti nei ching.
Greece and Rome to the 5th century BC
Oriented on the occult and religious talismans a forecaster uses as an illustration of the future.
Hippocrates wrote his treatise 50 to emphasize the ecological factors and report patient health epidemic.
the importance of diet and lifestyle (the regime), to predict the evolution of the disease (prognosis)
Health is the hormonal balance of four elements: Blood, flegma, yellow bile and black bile.
Diromawi a doctor in the first century BC medical categorize into three namely: Diet, pharmacy and surgery.

                                       The time of the fall of Rome in 1800 AD
Christianity came to the west and east
Health is a gift of God and the illness was a punishment from God, and it is a mistake.
the medical world began to be known by a humanitarian foundation, the forgiveness of sins-oriented treatment, the doctors tried to find a material to treat the wrath of god.
In Western Europe rahip famous couples in their efforts to treatment with a religious approach.
  At byzantium belief in spirits is used as a treatment of a thriving, it is because the kingdom is at war and shows the existence of a professional medical expert, in those days the house ibadaha made ​​suggestions for worship and also as a means of treatment of the sick, therefore the house of worship constructed with a very grand there.
 In the next century is beginning to form a network of hospitals and the actual culmination of its development in 1118 on pantocrator know.
hospitals in the west of the 5th century up to 7 built as a residence more than the house sakit.karena serve as a refuge.
lodging and feeding others with medical supervision sporadic

At the time of the progress of Islam in the Middle East and other leprosy smallpox occur periodically in the 6th century to century 10.penyakit specifically addressed the endemic disease and continued with the service area east and west.
  The key development of Islamic medicine was collected in a collection of classical medicine, in 635 AD century found a medical school by Cristian in jundespur Persian Nestorian who have life-saving goal for science.
and doctor of science writing program Syrians into Arabic language in the same century.
Islam has a number of theoretical and clinical findings through the writings of the 12th century.
nationality a Persian physician named Ibn Sina (avecenna). famous writings of Ibn Sina is Rhazescal-Rhazi 860-932 AD, in particular writings on smallpox and measles disease can not be described by Hippocrates.
In the 2nd century Al-Biruni wrote 720 books on medicine.
Political Islam is to dominate and trade network is helping an increasing number of drugs.
Islam also provides for the treatment of metallic.
and development of drugs continues to rise.

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